Saturday, January 22, 2011

Prayers for Joanne

Joanne needs our prayers right now. On January 11th at 9:00 in the morning, 38 year old Joanne Heim suffered a major stroke and remains in a coma. She is the mother of 2 young girls, Audrey 12, Emma 9 and wife to Toben. You may know her as The Simple Wife. She is a fellow blogger and a student at the Denver Seminary working on her MA in Old Testament Biblical studies. The family is praying for a miracle and have claimed Psalm 46 as their prayer for her. Toben, Audrey and her sister Kristen have been updating her blog and have left a list of ways you can help, financially, prayers, cards so please take the time to check out her blog and keep her in your prayers.

They no doubt have a long long road ahead of them but as we've seen recently with Gabby Giffords miracles do happen and God hears our prayers. You can follow her progress at The Simple Wife or by clicking on the Praying for Joanne button on my sidebar.

Thank you for holding her up in prayer.

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  1. Thank you Nanci for letting us know about Joanne - I am headed over to her blog to see what I can do!!! My prayers are with her, her family and her medical doctors & staff!! Kris