Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yoko Saito - My Home Town

About a year ago I bought a tapestry wall hanging kit My Home Town by Yoko Saito, a well known Japanese artist/hand crafter quilter. Once I actually had the 6 kits in hand I was overwelmed when I realized it was all written in japanese and I had never even done needle turn applique in english much less japanese. I eventually contacted her to see if she would translate the instructions for me which she graciously agreed to do. Now with the english translation  in hand I was ready to start. So I made a sample block using scrap fabrics and using a pattern from her book House House House. I love love this book. I will definately be doing more houses down the road. So now with some practice behind me I was ready to start on the real thing. The kit is made up of 6
Sample block
 separate months , 5 of which I'll be making houses, barns, trees and lambs, and then on month 6 I'll sew all the separate kits together and begin hand quilting. She has very detailed instructions on the hand quilting lines which I am already looking forward to starting on. All of the awesome fabrics are included in the kits and most of them are taupes that she has designed herself. So below are some photos of my progress so far.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the hand work process but the pieces are very very
tiny so when I finally get to the applique process my fingers always feel like they are in the way. I have the first two sets/months done and working on month three. The progress is very rewarding but slow.

Beginning House 1

House 1 roof

Flower Cart complete
House 1 complete

Month two row houses complete


  1. I also love houses. Will these be 3D? Please post all as you make them.

  2. Your houses look wonderful. I love Yoko Saito's patterns but can't find them anywhere in my area, so it's neat to see what fellow quilters are doing with them in blogland.

  3. I love Yoko Saito. You house block is beautiful