Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baby Barn Swallows

 I've enjoyed the new barn swallow babies outside my front door from the first sighting of their eggs to bubble gum babies. They have finally grown up and flown away and the parents were back this morning nesting once again.Since I have three cats I was having to keep the cats inside as much as possible at the end so the parents could teach them to fly in safety.

Hazel's Mystery Quilt A-long

I've been slowly working on my blocks for Hazel's BOM Mystery Quilt at finally this weekend got caught up so now I have the first 8 block done and 4 of the setting blocks. This is photo of the eight blocks and some the borders that are cut but this isn't how it will ultimately go together I just wanted to see what the overall color scheme is going to look like. The block on the right is just a trial of how they might possibly look with the setting triangles.