Sunday, March 14, 2010

Using up some scraps

I was watching TV this weekend and just happened to look over at one of my cats peacefully sleeping on her bed and felt really bad, they really deserve better than that. So with all the charm packs I buy to check out the current Moda fabrics I decided to make a small little quilt for them and also covered their pitiful pillow. So now I'll get to look at Verna and Honky Dory everyday and they have their own little quiltiness. A day well spent.

Friday, March 5, 2010

My Doll Quilt Swap

I can finally post the photos of the doll quilts I made for my partner since I've now heard from Krista and know that she's recieved the package. Since this was my first doll quilt swap I was torn in which direction to go and it was a lot harder that I thought trying to figure out what someone else might like. I started out making this "for every season" quilt but kept having seconds thoughts and decided that something more modern or abstract might be more to her liking so I started on a Gees Bend style quilt and while it was something new for new I actually enjoyed the process and working in all solids. So this is my version of a Gees Bend and I tried to just use an abstract approach to the quilting. The both got matching labels and in the ended I decided since I had made them both for Krista that she should have them both.

Oh my gosh, did I learn alot in this process. It is hard to make something for someone you don't know and can't ask any questions of but ultimately if forced me to "think" outside the box a little more. I also have realized just how many super talented people there are out there making quilts and enjoying the process. I think I also enjoyed the fact that we located all across the world and yet stay in touch daily using the doll quilt flickr accounts. If you haven't checked this group out you must look at the quilts that are being this swap.

And here is one last photo of the labels that went on the quilts.

My Doll Quilt has finally arrived....

and I couldn't be happier. Rebecca at made me this beautiful doll quilt and I just love everything about it. Since this was my first doll quilt swap I learned alot in the process and had so much fun and can't wait for the next swap to begin.  Thank you again Rebecca for making this such a wonderful experience for my first round! She also included a cool journal with birds that was a nice surprise in the package.