Saturday, September 5, 2009

We can almost see the finish line.....

If you have been following all the excitement on the "Iraqi Bundles of Love" website, facebook or twitter you know that we are getting very close to the finish line. The deadline for sending bundles is Tuesday, Sept 8th so if you haven't sent your bundle or still have more "fabric stash" in your closet you still have time to be a part of the fun. You can go to to follow along and see the lastest going on and how many bundles have arrived; you'll be amazed at how many bundles are there already!

Some other good news Mr. IBOL has proclaimed Sept. 6th as IBOL Sundae, so get yourself a nice bowl of ice cream with plenty of toppings, post a picture for history and enjoy with no guilt, you've earned it.

So go now and rummage through that closet, or spend some money to buy some new and help the America economy and build yourself a "bundle of love" and you'll feel the warmth all the way from Iraq to your heart.The women of Iraq are going to feel the love of the American quilters, sewers, knitters, crafters very shortly :)


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