Monday, December 22, 2008

Giving back....

I have always known what a wonderful job I have, what a wonderful life I have and the love of friends and family around me; unfortunately not everyone has this life.

Our office adopted a family for Christmas instead of exchanging gifts this year , so today a couple of us went to deliver the gifts. The single mother was out of work and lives with her mother and 2 kids. They were so happy to show us their tree and we placed all the gifts underneath and it was such a wonderful experience. Our economy sucks right now and anything we can do to help each other means so much. I get caught up in this "Christmas" season of buying and wrapping gifts and I love the holiday but it's the giving from our hearts that God expects and enriches all our lives with.

This Christmas will mean so much more to me after having met such a gracious family in need this year.

May you all have the opportunity to give to someone in need.

Merry Christmas,

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  1. Hi Nanci
    Hope you have a blessed Christmas
    I could not e-mail you so I responded to your comment on my page Look at post where you left yours
    Marry Christmas
    J. Allen