Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quilting progress or lack thereof......

Sometime late last year I feel like I lost my quilting momentum and the love and passion just disappeared and I looked up one day and it had been weeks since I'd even touched my machine. I was such an addicted quilter before this and hardly ever went more than 5 days without sewing. In August I got stiffed in an online Christmas swap, then my Dad had a stroke and it seemed like all my spare time was spent traveling to see him and the holidays came and went without much fanfare. January came and I decided to move my sewing to my office space and thought maybe that would spark some interest but it just sat there. I am planning a trip to Albania in June for my son'sweed ding and then will go to Greece for a week so I was looking online one day for quilt things/shops in Athens and stumbled upon Kristine in Thessaloniki, Greece that is teaching young girls to quilt and helping make quilts for women and children taken in from human trafficking and also for some orphanages in the local area and it all just touched my heart how they needed quilts and I decided to start making quilts for her. I now have 6 quilt tops ready to send and all it really took was looking outside of myself to get my quilting going again. It probably doesn't help that I have a pinterest account and I spend so much time looking at things to make and never actually making anything. So if you are interested on helping the orphanages in Greece go check out her site and blog, I know she could always use more help. I had also just read another article last week that as the economy in Greece continues to tank more and more families are taking their children to orphanages and turning them over because thyme can't afford to feed them and this just breaks my heart and so reminds me of our own great depression and it's a country in desperate need right now. Her website is

All in all life is good, my son's getting very excited about his upcoming wedding, he should graduate next spring, my Dad is doing very well and almost back to normal and at almost 89 that was a great feat. I'm quilting again and grateful to have some focus on what's really important in life to unearth my apathy. I'll try and take pictures of the quilts before I ship them so you can see the fun I've had these past couple of weeks.

I hope everyone else is having a productive and happy winter, I won't be long before we're back in the heat and draught of summer.


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